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counselling for children

Did you know that we provide counselling for children aged 5 plus? Our trained children’s counsellors provide a welcoming and engaging place for children to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings about things which may be troubling them.   

Perhaps your is child struggling with things like stress or anxiety, family change like a parental divorce, a traumatic event or pressure at school.  Your child may be behaving differently, or they may seem ‘out of character’. Understandably, you might feel worried and want to seek professional support.  

Providing a space for children to open up. 

Children communicate distress in a different way to adults and it’s important that a counsellor knows how to make sense of the child’s inner world through by communication that might not be verbal.  Younger children may find it easier to communicate through play, for example. 

Our counselling sessions take place in a unique setting where children feel comfortable, and they can open up and feel heard by a neutral adult who can help them process what they’re experiencing. 

How can counselling help your child? 

Counselling helps children with their physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. 

Most importantly, children have the opportunity to talk to someone who isn’t a parent, sibling or relation.  This takes away any pressure they might be feeling about being a burden and allows them to open up and share what is troubling them.   

Our childhood experiences can have a significant impact on us in later life. Children pick up messages from the world around them from the moment they are born. Counselling can provide children who are struggling with a positive experience where they learn how to articulate their thoughts and express emotions in an environment where they feel held and understood. 

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