Congratulations to our Mindspace trainee counsellors

Congratulations and a huge thank you to several trainee counsellors who leave us next month having completed their core training. As a dedicated counselling training college, we regularly host trainee counsellors within our community counselling agency who are in the process of completing their final year of training.  We’re always sad to see them leave us, however, we wish them all the best in their future careers as counsellors. 

Feedback from our counsellors

We spoke to three of our trainee counsellors about their time with Mindspace and what they have gained from the experience.  

“It’s been an honour to be part of the Mindspace team and to have played my part in providing affordable counselling in the community.  Mindspace provides a vital service in Hampshire and I’ve seen first-hand hand the difference that affordable counselling can make to people’s lives. ”  Emma

“I’ve been lucky to have offered counselling to people in and around Basingstoke whilst completing my training to become a fully qualified counsellor.   My learning has been invaluable and I’m grateful to all the clients I’ve supported on their journey towards a more fulfilling life.  Thank you to all of the Mindspace team – you’ve been fantastic! ”  Amy

“Throughout my time with Mindspace I have felt wholly, and congruently, supported, both personally and professionally. Colleagues at Mindspace, at all levels, and our tutors, have been available and responsive and generally been brilliant to work alongside.  I will always appreciate the opportunity given to me.”  Kimm
Mindspace dedicated counselling training college

The Mindspace College was set up in 2018 and today serves as one of the largest dedicated independent provider of training for counselling professionals in Hampshire. We’re a CPCAB, SEG and NCS approved centre and our nationally accredited and endorsed qualifications begin at entry level and go through to specialist youth and supervisory work.

By increasing the number of highly skilled and well trained counsellors, we’re able to increase the accessibility of mental health support across Hampshire and beyond.  Funds generated from our training and services are targeted towards providing affordable community counselling sessions for anyone who needs it, regardless of their financial situation. 

Looking forward

In September, our next cohort of trainee counsellors will join the Mindspace team as they embark on their final year of training. They’ll be supported by a dedicated team of supervisors, tutors and fellow counsellors as they begin the final part of their journey into the counselling profession.

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