Child Counselling Services Basingstoke

support for children

Our trained children’s counsellors provide a welcoming and engaging place for your child to express themselves and share their thoughts and feelings about things which may be troubling them. Counselling sessions offer a unique setting where they can open up and feel heard by a neutral adult who can help them process what they’re experiencing.

what do we offer?

We offer counselling sessions to children aged 5 years and upwards. Sessions are designed to support children who are experiencing a range of difficulties including anxiety, low self-esteem, family breakdown or loss. Sessions are available on an ongoing basis with no maximum limit, however the counsellor will usually do a review of how things are going every 6 weeks.

Child Counselling Services Basingstoke

what are the costs?

As a community focussed organisation, we aim to keep the cost of our services as low as possible and therefore charge a flat rate fee of £40 per session, which is payable in advance of each booking.

booking an appointment

In order to book an appointment the first step is to complete our referral form, accessible by clicking the button below, and returning this to us. Please contact us for any further information.


For more information or to return your completed referral form to us, please email